International Formula Masters 2009 + Hill Climb

A free game addon for Assetto Corsa

The premier mod by CTDP for Assetto Corsa brings you the 2009 season and Hill Climb Event with all competing cars and drivers.

A strive for realism

The International Formula Master (IFM) was a supporting series during the European WTCC races from 2007 till 2009. The series was subsequently retired. Several small independent teams have utilized, with success, the former IFM Tatuus cars for various Hill Climb Events and have entries in FIA's European Hill Climb Series.

Such physics,
very wow!

We got our hands on the original user manual of the Honda K20A engine and Tatuus chassis and had access to more real data as ever before. This helped in creating highly realistic physics for IFM 2009 so you can feel like a real race driver.

And bonus features!

The addon includes all cars of all teams and drivers, a setup guide, and detailed templates to create your own car livery.

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