Release of rfDynHUD 1.3.0

New version 1.3.0 of rfDynHUD released.

Its been well over a year since Marvin released the first version of rfDynHUD which enables you to easily customize your own overlays in rFactor and lets you even create your very own personal Widgets. Since then Marvin has continued development, updated and improved the plugin. Today we release version 1.3.0 which is mostly a maintenance release that has a lot of code cleaning and bugfixes.

However, changes have been done to the Widget-API, that regard Third-Party Widgets. If you encounter problems, contact their authors.
The new release also includes the SDK that teaches you how to write you very own Widgets in Java. The SDK includes example Widgets and documentation on how they work. It takes an hour to work through it and get started. This is a very powerful feature the community has not yet discovered in it's full potential. Be creative! ;)

rFDynHUD is Open Source licensed with the GNU Public License V2. Contact Marvin to get access to the source code and collaborate in the project.

If you experience problems with the new version, contact us in our forums.


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