Release of CTDP F1 2006 v1.2.1

Maintenance release to fix the last occuring bugs.

You can test as long as you want, but all testing decreases is the probability of having bugs. You will never have a bug-free product. The hope is, that the bugs that sneak into the mod are not serious and don't hinder driving.

We found one issue with Toyota being stuck in the pits and as we had to address this at some point, we used the chance to fix some minor issues and added some functionality to the Mod Deriver.

For everybody who already downloaded version 1.2, this fixes are available as a small hotfix. For everyone who hasn't downloaded the mod yet, we created a bundle consisting of the existing version 1.2 and the new hotfix. This bundle is available via torrent or HTTP-mirrors.
Make sure to install the latest version.

Have fun racing!

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