Get involved

We are always looking for new talents to enhance the team.

The results are only as good as the people working on it.
So we are searching for men and women in the following areas of work.


Creating all kinds of 3D geometry. This can be assets for tracks (e.g. buildings, roadsigns etc.), the track itself or cars and its additional parts (e.g. tyres, helmets, brakes). Each 3D artist within the team has decent knowledge in ether one or more 3D applications and we can support newcomers with important tips and trick.

Creating high quality and photo-realistic textures and surfaces for cars and tracks as well as artwork for menus and wallpapers. Be creative, be elegant, keep it simple, yet be different. Experiment with shaders, mapping, painting in vectors and with effects.
A physics artist in our team collects data from various sources, creatingvehicle physics for simulating suspension and gears and has good knowledge about the rFactor/rFactor2 physics engine and its flaws. This includes lots of research and interpretation of the data is important.
This is all about creating sounds.It doesn't matter if it is a car sound, track ambient sound or menu sounds. As soundartist should be able to create samples that can be used in rFactor/rFactor2. He should also be able to integrate it into a mod structure and create the needed sound effect files for both games.
With rFDynHUD we have provided a great environment to create unique overlay displays within rFactor. We provided the SDK and the application is Open Source and we invite Java programmers to join and extend the project.
As a tester you maybe have the most important job. Your assignment helps the team to develop a nearly bugfree and accurate mod. You need a lot of dedication to test things over and over again. Sometimes you have to be the bad guy and push the developers over the edge to get the right result. But in the end you contribute an important part to the final mod.
We try to help players get into our Mods as much as possible. Modding and SimRacing are both very complex for novice players and helping new players is important. Help in providing these help and documentation is always welcomed.
While we release our Mods primarely in English, we always like to provide documentation in as many languages as possible. So help us to support more languages.
Mirror Network
Our mods have a high traffic requirements especially in the first days of releases. We are always looking for mirrors who can support us with bandwidth and space to distribute our work as smoothly as possible.