Something missing in your rFactor?
Something fast?
Something loud?

You have waited long time, but CTDP finally brings you the real Formula One-experience for your rFactor.
Now you can get the complete Formula One season 2005 a full line of cars: all polished, cleaned and prepared for your race.
And that won't be an easy one, but instead you get physics, which will demand all your cunning to succeed. Who said Formula One was easy, has never tried ... the real thing.

I wish it was real!


  • 2005 high detail models and high resolution textures
  • All special liveries throughout the season
  • 2005 helmets and driver
  • 2005 physics and performance
  • 2005 rules (i.e. no tyre changes allowed)
  • Non-linear tyregrip and tyre damage by debris
  • 3 kinds of tyres for each of the 2 manufacturer
  • 2005 tyres and rims with motion blur
  • F1 sounds by Fonsecker
  • 10 Engine programs
  • Realistic wear of motors and brake s
  • Updated menu with music by Michael Renk and T-Star
  • Updated Heads Up Display
  • Full DX7, DX8 and DX9-support
  • Supports rFactor-skinning-feature


Teaser (Music by Colt)


The car templates of F1 2005 for F1Challenge and rFactor.

They contain PSD-files for Photoshop from every car each with seperate layers for shades, details, guides, labels and wireframes, and maps for alpha and spec.. Also helmet-samples amd the driver suits are included.

Read the very detailed documentation, on how to use these.

Note, do not to modify and release our original cars!

For more information please read the Readme.


Project future

This project has been finished a long time ago and we have no plans to update or convert this mod to other games. We invite third-party Modders to contact and speak with us about conversion to other games. We can make all original sources for textures and models available to you.


3D artists

  • Andreas Neidhardt
  • Marco Büttner
  • Matthew Scerri
  • Omar Shaikly
  • Menno Meeldijk
  • Wai Keen Lam

2D artists

  • Daniel Senff
  • Jiang Zheng
  • Steffen Krägelin


  • Daniel Fredrich
  • Dan Ziegelbein


  • Artur Mlodzinski
  • Damian Woskowicz
  • Dominik Binzk
  • Sascha Grindau
  • Sebastian Schmalenbach

Beta testing

  • Eric Eifler
  • Marius Schneeberger
  • Michael Erne
  • Michael Müller
  • Philip Nagel
  • Steffen Max
  • Timo Vollmering

  • Bastian Poltermann
  • Ludwig Conrads
  • Mario Daamen
  • Markus Brenner
  • Peter Engels
  • Rudi Broschek
  • Sascha Winkelhaus
  • Torben Stahl
  • Wolfgang Kraemer
  • Balézs Hajdu
  • Shervin Vali


  • 'Socc Me I'm Famous'
    Created by and Courtesy of Michael Renk
  • 'The Race' (CTDP05mix)
    South G.a.T.e (Konrad Blank)


  • Fonsecker (GSMF)

Video compositing

  • René Günther
  • Stefan Tapper

Special thanks

  • Image Space Incorporated
  • Joe Campana
  • Gjon Camaj
  • Micheal Borda
  • GSMF for parts of the PCC PaceCar
  • Fonsecker
  • And everyone else who was involved or contribiuted to this project.