This is a full-season mod by CTDP. This addon for F1Challenge updates the game to the F1 season 2004. It includes all track-specifications, a track pack and many more.


  • 2004 high detail models and high resolution textures
  • All special liveries and specifications through the season
  • 2004 helmets and drivers
  • 2004 performance and names
  • new physics and tyre physics
  • attempted 2004 rules
  • 2004 tyres and 3D-rims
  • 2004 pitcrews and pitgarages
  • 2004 steering wheels optional with LCD
  • Statistics
  • 2003 Trackpack including the new Magny Course
  • new track and onboard cameras
  • completely new menu
  • new game launcher for configuration

Project future

This project has been finished a long time ago and we have no plans to update or convert this mod to other games. We invite third-party Modders to contact and speak with us about conversion to other games. We can make all original sources for textures and models available to you.


3D artists

Andreas Neidhardt, Marco Buettner, Menno Meeldijk

2D artists

Andy Marson, Daniel Senff, Jay Ekkel, Jiang Zheng, Joerg Strombach, Kunal Jain, Omar al shaikly


Henri Paul Bourassa, Barry Gray

Track modifications

Debashish Ramachandran, Matthew Scerri

Track cams




Beta testing

Maximilliano Sirman, Solaris, Chris, Anthonyl, Variante Ascari, Aprilia Racer, James aka Wilson F1, Yiots

Special thanks

Jay Ekkel, mdaro, our hoster RacingMag and Armin, Mike Wilhelmi, GTEvo, Tantra & Ethone, Cheetah, Marc Arts & Locutus, also special thanks to "Wagner" for their "Steinofenpizza", Coca Cola for the Coke and Becks for the Beer. After completing the CTDP 2004 mod there'll be a lack of those things!