DDS-Utils are a selection of tools to work with DirectDrawSurfaces textures in Java and to provide modding support accross platforms.

Radds - Review a DDS

Radds is a utility for preview images in the DDS texture format. Browsing the texture DDS-files on any platform, even those that do not support Microsoft DirectDrawSurface textures. You can zoom. display single color channels and single mip maps.

Dropps - Drop a DDS

The simplest DDS-Converter you can find. Just fire it up, drop your images in there and get your DDS textures ready for your game. This supports different dds compression formats and supports dropping BMP, JPG, PNG, TGA and even TEX (GrandPrix4-Textures).

Madds - Memory Access of DDS

Want to know what texture files require the most graphic memory? Madds visualizes the size of all dds-textures of a folder in a treemap and displays various helpful information about the textures such as size, compression and purpose.


DDSUtil is Open Source and licensed under the GNU General Public License and written in Java. To participate in the development have a look at the source code and join us..



Daniel Senff


Alvaro Jiménez, Andrea 'Uff' Candini, Kunos Stefano, Yoss

Used libraries

JOGL, Patriarhou Kyrillou for creating a Java implementation of the Squish DXT-compression library by Simon Brown,  CJWizard, TMAppletSwing, Apache Commons

Special thanks

Marcel Offermann and Marvin Fršhlich, the latter from the
Xith3d-project, for answering my occasional questions.