Get into the car
fasten your seatbelt
Pedal on the metal

ISI, Intel and by the way CTDP give you the chance to drive your F1.07 to the limit. The BMW Sauber 2007 was done by CTDP and included into rFactor as an official Addon. It is also featured in all BMW-Sauber-Intel-Simulators and the Pitlane-Park.

So get to the track and try the simulators.

Official news by Image Space Incorporate


  • BMW 2007 high detail model and high resolution texture
  • All special liveries and specifications through the season
  • helmets and drivers of Kubica and Heidfeld
  • accurate drivers performance and names
  • improved physics and tyre physics
  • new tyres and 3D-rims


3D artists

Marco Büttner, Andreas Neidhardt

2D artists

Steffen Krägelin, Daniel Senff, Roberto Yermo


Matthew Scerri

Special thanks

The biggest and most special thanks to Image Space Incoporate for giving us the opportunity to make this car. Thank you!


The car templates of the BMW-Sauber 2007 for rFactor.

They contain PSD-files for Photoshop from every car each with seperate layers for shades, details, guides, labels and wireframes, and maps for alpha and spec. Also helmet-samples amd the driver suits are included.

Read the very detailed documentation, on how to use these.

Note, do not to modify and release our original cars!

For more information please read the Readme.