About us

CTDP is the short for Cars & Tracks Development Project.
We are an independant modding-group for simracing mods. We create high quality content for simracing games and released several full-season mods for games such as F1 Challenge and rFactor.

Our members are all racing enthusiasts and this is just a hobby of them. Work for our projects is done in their spare time and they have a real life as well as you.
CTDP work is strictly non-profit oriented and non-commercial.


CTDP was officially founded on May 1st 2001. For two years we released mainly small addons, 2002 work on an 1995 mod began which was released for F1-2002. In 2003 CTDP released the first complete season update, followed by seasons 2004, 1998 and 2005. All of those were released for F1 Challenge.

In 2006, CTDP switched to rFactor and continued developing for this plattform releasing the highly acclaimed F1-2005 and F1-2006 addons.

In 2011 we'll move to rFactor2 as a new game platform for releases.